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Celebrating Pride 365: Fostering LGBTQ+ inclusion and equality

At Citizens, we are committed to valuing uniqueness, building belonging and making fair decisions both inside the organization and in the wider community. We live by these commitments all year long. We have a unique opportunity to build up and support the communities we're a part of — not just financially, but also by showing up in multiple ways for our colleagues, customers and communities. We foster a workplace that's welcoming and supportive year-round and promote inclusion and representation for LGBTQ+ colleagues. We provide fair banking experiences for LGBTQ+ customers and ensure opportunities and resources are not exclusionary. And our commitment to the community is ongoing as we support funding, volunteering and attending Pride and other local events and programs connected to LGBTQ+ issues.

Pride is Partnership

Our goal is to foster strong communities. That takes shape by investing in and volunteering for initiatives that focus on spreading awareness, promoting inclusion and acceptance, and clearing systemic barriers to achieve equality. This includes many causes that impact LGBTQ+ populations, such as youth empowerment, economic development and access to affordable housing.

We’re invested in helping tomorrow’s LGBTQ+ workforce meet ever-accelerating needs. We proudly support Out in Finance (OIF), an organization driven to advance inclusion and equality across financial services, aid in recruiting efforts, and provide a networking forum for LGBTQ+ professionals.

Visit Out in Finance to explore their passionate support of LGBTQ+ professionals in the financial sector.

Cultivating colleague Pride with connection and involvement

In pursuit of our broader goal of fostering a culture of inclusion and belonging, the basis of our efforts is in listening to our colleagues. This starts with support for our Pride Business Resource Group (Pride BRG). Sponsored by Citizens and led by colleagues, this multifaceted group provides a sounding board for organizational strategies, policies and initiatives to ensure decisions are made through the lens of inclusion and sensitivity. Throughout the year, members hold educational and social events and regularly participate in community outreach and volunteerism. The Pride BRG also uplifts participants and their individual stories. These spotlights create opportunities for everyone to learn more about the experiences of their colleagues.

At Citizens, we believe bringing together people with different backgrounds and perspectives in a safe and inclusive environment creates opportunities to approach challenges and find solutions that drive engagement and propel innovation and business growth.

In addition to supporting the Pride BRG mission, Citizens encourages colleagues who want to be an active voice in the community to have workplace support to do so. Citizens offers its employees paid time off to volunteer including projects focused on LGBTQ+ related causes. Additionally, colleagues can participate in trainings and discussions related to LGBTQ+ issues, including understanding gender identity and relevant definitions, supporting transitioning at work, releasing unconscious biases and sharing strategies for being a better ally.

Paving the way for an open, welcoming environment

Citizens prioritizes creating and nurturing safe spaces for colleagues to be their authentic selves. We do this through initiatives and policies that distinguish us and our commitment to inclusion and belonging:

  • Having a zero-tolerance standard for harassment or workplace violence, with specific guidelines surrounding gender expression and identity.
  • Developing gender-affirming and transition toolkits that:
    • Empower the colleague with what support to expect from Citizens and a logistical checklist for learning about benefit availability, getting legal assistance and how to update their administrative details.
    • Help managers know how best to support colleagues, including respecting their privacy, enlisting allies, setting expectations and educating the rest of their team.
    • Guide coworkers on best practices, such as using new names and pronouns, what to do if you make a mistake, and how to hold yourself and others accountable.
  • Offering benefits for spouses and domestic partners regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation or family composition.
  • Facilitating legal support for LGBTQ+ colleagues, including for adoption, estate planning and name and gender-marker changes.
  • Supporting family planning interests such as adoptions and surrogacy.
  • Providing medical and mental health coverage that includes gender-affirming surgeries, hormone replacement therapy and counseling.

These efforts demonstrate our commitment to inclusivity across our workforce, Citizens applies the same level of commitment to its customers and to the community. With building belonging as a top priority, Citizens evaluates opportunities and decisions through the lens of our vision and values.

Spreading positivity and acceptance is in our core

Pride is part of our everyday culture. We create policies and programs that consider and address the specific needs and priorities of our LGBTQ+ colleagues, and we support initiatives and events that impact the broader community. Pride is a natural embodiment of our commitment to building a more inclusive world.

We are always working to create an environment for customers, colleagues and communities where everyone feels appreciated, is welcome to contribute and can thrive professionally and personally. Our business is driven by developing trusted partnerships, and Citizens will continue to invest in efforts that benefit all involved.

By working toward a world where everyone is seen, heard and respected, we're helping those we serve prepare for the best possible tomorrow.

Join us!

We believe bringing together people with different backgrounds and perspectives in a safe and inclusive environment creates opportunities to approach challenges and find solutions that drive engagement and propel innovation and business growth. Learn how you can join our culture of pride, inclusion and belonging with a career at Citizens.  

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