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Wellbeing at Citizens: Caring for the Whole You

Every action – whether large or small – in support of your wellbeing, is a step toward enabling you to be your whole self. We invest in supporting wellness across all dimensions of our colleagues’ lives. Care for the whole you is an essential cornerstone of our commitment to you.

Every month, our Wellbeing @ Citizens internal hub shares timely tips, advice, resources and colleague stories to inspire and prompt us all to prioritize and make time for our wellbeing.

We're Mic'd Up

Our “In the Well Seat” podcast series is available only to colleagues, exploring the topic of wellbeing from the perspectives of leaders and colleagues across the company. Conversations touch on the importance of self-care, achieving financial wellbeing, and how we all play a role in creating a healthy organization.

Ready, Set, Step! The Move for Mental Health Challenge

Our annual Move for Mental Health step challenge encourages colleagues to log their steps - by walking, running, yoga, biking or other activities - and make time for their wellbeing. Participants are also eligible for Credo Points and gift cards. This challenge supports our corporate partner, Mental Health America, the nation's leading national nonprofit dedicated to the promotion of mental health, well-being, and condition prevention. In 2024, we met our colleague participation goal and donated $30,000 to their cause. Many take team breaks or walking meetings to get moving and participate, which also counts as volunteer hours toward annual company goals! Hear from Kendra, an Operations Senior Specialist in our RI office, on how she dedicated time and wound up as our #1 stepper in 2023!

We’re proud to be honored by Mental Health America with a gold level certification for their Bell Seal for Workplace Mental Health. With an overall score was 84% (compared to the average employer score of 36%), we’re committed to providing ongoing conversations and resources so our colleagues can bring their whole selves to work. Learn more about our benefits here.

Putting Wellbeing in Motion

Our colleagues are our greatest asset, so encouraging them to put their wellbeing first, and supporting them along the way is important to us. Read their stories below to hear how they're finding balance amidst competing priorities.

  • Karen - Read how her wellness journey is grounded in gratitude.
  • Kirsten - Read about her journey from couch to 5K and beyond.
  • Mark - Read about how he sees wellness as making conscious choices. 

Healthy Habits for Citizens

Making healthy habits more routine is something encouraged by leaders, managers, and peers alike. It’s common to find tips like these shared at department meetings, or in company alerts. Try a few at home!

5 Ways to Avoid Digital Burnout

  1. Personalize your screen. Simply by adjusting the size of the font and/or brightness, you can ease eye strain.
  2. Take breaks. Seems obvious, but time away from a screen can help you to refocus and boost your energy. Why not try the eye doctor recommended 20/20/20 method to help with eye strain: For every 20 minutes you look at a screen, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.
  3. Refrain from multi-tasking during virtual meetings. Stay present and focused.
  4. Leave work at work. Shut off work notifications and Chats when outside work, on PTO or holidays.
  5. Stopping screen-related activities an hour before bed gives your brain a chance to wind down and signals to your body that it’s time to sleep. Push that buffer to 90 minutes or two hours for even greater benefits.