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What to expect from our self-guided assessments

Some roles require a self-guided assessment that could include a virtual job tryout, video interview questions or games to measure core competencies that matter for the role. If a role requires an assessment during the application process or after applying, it will be listed on the job description in the “Required” or "Qualifications" section.

Why do I need to complete an assessment? 

This unique interviewing opportunity lets you share your skills and experience with our recruiting team in your own words and bring your personality to the interview. This step accelerates the hiring process. Our Citizens recruiters will review your application and assessment, and schedule candidates who are a fit for the role directly with the hiring manager. Interest in these roles are high, so don’t wait!

Tell me more! 

  • For Contact Center, Banker and Teller roles, the assessment is part of the application process. Qualified candidates are moving from application to a Citizens offer in just 6 days.
    • Our Contact Center Specialist virtual job tryout takes about 30 minutes and consists of short exercises that assess core competencies that matter for the role. For example, you’ll showcase your listening and multi-tasking skills in one exercise where you’ll hear simulated customer calls and verify information they share, while also measuring customer satisfaction levels at the same time. In another exercise, you’ll help us understand your personality and work style preferences. You’ll also answer a question on video.
  • For early career and internship candidates, after submitting your application, those qualified will move on to the assessment and receive an email/text prompt to begin. The video interview assessment must be completed within 7 days of receiving the link. If not completed within the timeframe, the application will be automatically withdrawn from consideration for our early career and internship programs.
  • For Banker, Teller and early career and internship candidates:
    • Set aside 30-45 minutes to complete the experience and choose your preferred device (mobile, tablet or desktop).
    • For the self-guided interview, you’ll answer pre-set questions.
      • Bring your resume to life by telling your story on video. Lean on your educational or professional experiences and skills to share more about your background, your interest in the role, and how you’d navigate the responsibilities.
      • Each candidate is asked the same questions in the same way. Before you begin you get a practice question to warm up and get comfortable with the technology. The practice question isn’t recorded and can be completed as often as necessary until you’re ready to begin.
      • When you’re ready to record, you’ll have 1 minute to prepare an answer and 3 minutes to respond. If you don’t nail the answer on the first try, that's ok! You'll have 1 opportunity to try again.
    • Following the self-guided interview, you’ll complete games that measure core competencies that matter for the role.
  • For our Contact Center Specialist, Banker and Teller positions, once your assessment is complete, you must electronically sign and submit your Citizens application, in order to be considered for the role. If you’re unsure if you’ve submitted the full Citizens application, you can easily check your status by logging into your account here.
  • Based on the contact information provided in your application, you can expect email and text message alerts and reminders as you complete the experience.

How can I prepare?

  • Be camera-ready! Treat the experience as if it were an in-person interview and dress professionally.
  • Record yourself in areas without busy backdrops, echoes, or a lot of foot traffic and noise around you.
  • You’ll need a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer with your camera and microphone enabled.
  • Make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi connection.
  • Be yourself! Let your personality and enthusiasm for the opportunity to become a Citizens Colleague shine.
  • Find more video interview tips and tricks from our recruiters here

We’re committed to ensuring that all interested candidates can successfully participate in our recruitment process. If you’re an individual with a disability or require a reasonable accommodation, please reference our Job Seeker Help policy and follow the instructions.

We partner with HireVue to conduct our assessments. For technical help, visit for frequently asked questions, or contact the HireVue support team by submitting this form