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How One Colleague Made Prioritizing Her Wellbeing Work

Kendra, a colleague in our Universal Operations team, came in first place in our 2023 Move for Mental Health step challenge. Find out how she did it!

My goal was to reach at least 20,000 steps per day during the challenge which I was able to do. My overall “New Years Resolution” was to be more active, and after finding an inspiring fitness community on a workout app called RYSE, I was determined to set and reach multiple goals, including the step challenge.

I was able to stay motivated by sharing my goal with friends/social media which held me accountable. I committed to making sure that even on rainy days or days that I did not feel motivated to get moving too much, I would still at least watch an episode of Criminal Minds on the treadmill. On days with nice weather, I was motivated by walking/running the paths at Rocky Point Park (in Warwick, RI) to watch the sun set and to see meet cute dogs. 😊

I’ve focused hard on finding a balance between physical, mental, and social wellbeing. Since beginning exercising regularly, I have noticed a significant improvement in my mental health. I gained a new sense of self-confidence in seeing what my body is able to accomplish and by reaching small goals every day. An important part of my fitness journey has been meeting and connecting with others on social media who have similar lifestyles/interests/fitness goals, or by taking classes such as dance, yoga, or rock climbing. Having a community of people to support and cheer you on can really drive you to reach goals you never even considered or believed to be possible before. Even just taking a quick morning walk and chatting with a friend can help set the tone and motivate you to take on the day.

I’ve continued with a goal of 12,000 steps and it has become a part of my daily routine. The step challenge got me into a good habit of keeping track of my steps/workouts. Keeping a log makes it easy to see your progress.

My advice to fellow colleagues on how to make wellbeing a priority is to find ways to make reaching your goals as enjoyable as possible. There are no rules against watching Netflix on the treadmill or dancing around the kitchen in your PJs. There are many ways to stay active that are fun at the same time!

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