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Celebrating Diversity and Black History Month

Citizens recognizes Black colleagues as professionals, business leaders, innovators and community champions. We’re committed to celebrating the contributions of our Black colleagues throughout the year, and are privileged to once again reflect on their numerous achievements during Black History Month.

We know that bringing together our diverse perspectives, skills, and backgrounds makes us stronger together. Building a diverse and accepting workforce isn’t just a goal; it’s a movement toward ensuring lasting change and impact in the workplace – and the world. 

Recognizing our culture carriers

Recognition is engrained in our culture thanks to our award-winning program: The Credo Awards. The impact Black colleagues are having on the company, customers and their teams is valued and noticed at the highest levels. Every year, an elite group of hand-selected colleagues are invited to a “green carpet” event that recognizes our Credo Champions who demonstrate an exceptional commitment to our customers, colleagues, communities and shareholders and to pushing limits through innovation. This year, 25 of our amazing Black colleagues were recognized, four of whom received the company’s highest honor: a Chairman’s Award.

Supporting future leaders

Citizens honors the dedication of students and families pursuing higher learning. The Citizens Scholarship awards $2,500 every month to students and parents; the annual grand prize is $15,000. Additionally, each quarter a student who meets the required criteria for the Minority Scholarship will be eligible to win a $2,500 prize. We make it easy. No essays. No report cards – just a couple of easy steps to help set young people on the path to success.

In 2022, for the second year, Citizens is sponsoring EVERFI’s Black History Month Challenge, which celebrates lesser-known stories from Black history. Through interactive modules, the goal of the challenge is to inspire dialogue and a greater understanding of race and social equity in our society. In addition to learning about the Black experience in the US, high school students have the opportunity to submit a short essay and compete for the opportunity to win a $2,500 college scholarship and a brand new Apple MacBook Pro, courtesy of Citizens Pay.

Building something special together

Our PRISM Multicultural Business Resource Group gives colleagues a unique platform to connect and drive our business agenda, strengthen our company culture, and improve the customer and colleague experience. Through continuous learning, we drive real and lasting change in our workplace and communities through shared understanding, knowledge, innovation, culture, and commitment.

Committed to social equity

Our Credo calls for us to do the right thing, not only for our business, but for our customers, communities and one other. Embracing diversity, equity and inclusion makes us stronger. Our commitment to that is codified in our multi-year investment to enhance awareness, create access to capital and improve capabilities and opportunities in the pursuit of sustainable change. We know there is much more to do, but we’re proud of the actions we’ve taken and the progress we’re making. Our grants to minority-owned small businesses, donations to diversity-based community organizations, and $2 million in closing cost assistance for residents in diverse neighborhoods are just a few steps we’re taking to build a world where everyone is seen, valued and heard.

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