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Innovation Starts in a Unique Place – With You

Your manager can do it. Your podmates can do it. YOU can do it! At Citizens, every colleague – at every level of our organization – has a unique opportunity to build a great career – and transform the future of banking.

It’s true.

We’re embarking on one of the most exciting times in our company’s history; an unprecedented period of innovation when we can take customer and colleague experiences in a whole new direction. And redefine the ways people manage their money, meet their financial goals or even work together.

But to make it happen, we needed great ideas. Our colleagues’ ideas.

That’s we created something truly unique: The Innovation Fund, a colleague idea sourcing program designed to uncover better ways to serve our customers in the future.

It’s an ideal way for us to find new ideas and give every colleague the opportunity to have a voice.

Since its introduction just 18 months ago, the Innovation Fund has made investments of $50,000 in some 22 ideas solely developed by our colleagues. 

Those great ideas range from finding new markets, processes, and products to employing artificial intelligence, robotics, and other emerging technologies to improve the customer experience.

A Shark-Tank like approach to generating great ideas – and career skills

The Innovation Fund helps put our future in the hands of our most valuable and trusted resources: our colleagues. Who better to recognize opportunities than someone who knows our customers and the way we operate? Someone, well, like you.

No matter what your role with us, you can voice your ideas with the Innovation Fund. Here’s how it works:

  • You submit an innovative idea that responds to an unmet customer need. It doesn’t have to be a big creative idea; it can be as simple as rethinking day-to-day tasks to increase efficiency.
  • Your idea is analyzed and prioritized by a small group of reviewers. At that time, we may reach out to you to gain a better understanding of your idea.
  • If your idea makes it by this initial review, it will be presented to the Innovation Board, a multidisciplinary team of executive leaders who make funding decisions.
  • If they believe your idea can help transform the future of banking, you’ll be invited to make a 1-to-3-minute Shark-Tank-like pitch to the Board to discuss the value, goals, and resources needed to pursue your idea.
  • You’ll be notified later that day and if you’re selected, a $50,000 investment will be made in your project. What’s more, you’ll be given ongoing guidance, coaching, and access to business resources to lead the “Exploration Phase” of your idea.

Plus, those who play a role in innovation may be recognized with awards like our Chairman’s Credo Award that will reward 10 Innovation Fund winners with $1,000 in Citizens stock.

More ways to build your knowledge – and a brighter future

At Citizens, innovation is more than just plans on a PowerPoint; it’s a real-life, company-wide, collaborative approach to solving customer challenges. It includes resources like our Innovation Academy, where you’ll find guided and instructor-led lessons on innovation. And our Innovation Forum, where you can join more than 1,200 of your colleagues every month to hear speakers, view the latest projects, learn about new FinTech partnerships, and more.

Now is such an exciting time for all colleagues as we reimagine what it means to be a bank and have a profound impact on people’s lives.

Ready to build a bright future?

We encourage you to get involved in our innovation programs to discover how you can transform the future of banking – and your own career – at Citizens.

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