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Citizens Launches Autism at Work Program

By Carina Boucher | Citizens Staff

Citizens is launching a new hiring program, “Autism at Work” to bring neurodiversity, specifically individuals with autism spectrum disorder, to its workforce. Citizens’ differing abilities Business Resource Group (BRG) “AWAKE” is launching this exciting initiative in partnership with Talent Acquisition and Finance teams.

To ensure a successful experience for everyone, we enlisted the help of Massachusetts General Hospital’s “Aspire Works,” which specializes in acclimating company workforces and their new hires. Aspire Works will provide guidance and training to the new hires and to the department managers and team members for the first 90 days.

The program will launch at our Johnston, Rhode Island campus, with two roles in the Controller’s Division, with the intent to expand over time.

“We are thrilled to launch this initiative aimed at furthering our goal towards creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture at Citizens and in expanding our talent pipeline,” says Cindy Erickson, chair of AWAKE. “Through our partnership with Aspire Works, we are putting all of the pieces in place to create a supportive environment where our new hires and those they work with benefit from the experience.”

Your help is needed!
View the the job descriptions for the Financial Analyst Treasury Operations and Business Support roles. If you – or someone you know – may qualify for one of these opportunities, email