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The journey to a fulfilling career is not always a straight line

We want our colleagues to love coming to work and know that everyone looks for something different in a career. For many, the journey to a fulfilling career is not a straight or simple path, but one full of twists, turns, and obstacles and opportunities along the way. With us, you can start in marketing or technology and grow your career in any direction your talents and interests take you. We’re supportive of colleagues moving up, down or sideways and providing them with everything they need when they’re ready to make move. With help from our Citizens Talent Acquisition team, our colleagues can take advantage of office hours with recruiters, receive resume advice, and attend virtual info sessions with senior leaders as they discuss open roles on their teams.

Here is a series of stories showcasing the unique paths our colleagues have taken to achieve career success.

CJ: Building a well-rounded career.CJ, Head of Enterprise Experience Risk, has been with Citizens for 17 years and shares advice on how to grow your career by gaining skills and experiences along the way. 

Derek: Boldly reaching new career heights. – Derek worked at Citizens part-time during college, and knew he wanted to stay with the company after graduation. He never could have predicted one opportunity that came his way early on in his career: a chance encounter with a senior executive who made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. That led to many upward moves for Derek.

Evanne: Finding the perfect career fit. – When the demands of working at a national clothing retailer were too much, she decided she was ready to make a change. Evanne never expected that change would take her from a career in apparel to financial services.  But when a position opened at Citizens, she thought her experience would make her a good fit (pun intended).

Jessika: A journey to new career experiences. – Jessika Faulkner shares in her own words how pursuing curiosity, being open to learning and growth and building meaningful relationships across the organization paved the way for her career.

Jillian: Navigating her early career. – Jillian started at Citizens as a Retail Banker, and with the mentorship and encouragement of her manager, she was able to get the skills she needed to find her way to the Marketing team. 

Kristy: Taking a bet on herself. – Kristy made a career jump to work in Human Resources as a Development Consultant and proved the best career path isn't always a straight line.

Lisa: Making the most of mentorship. Hear Lisa, a Retail Banking Director for the Upper Mid-Atlantic region and a 33-year Citizens veteran, share in her own words what it means to have a mentor and be a mentor.

Mary: Writing her own career story. - Mary’s been behind many communications and social media posts for household name brands. Given her passion for writing and marketing, it’s not at all surprising that Mary has a career in copywriting and strategy. What is surprising, though, was where she ended up.  The move from fashion to financial services gave Mary the chance to meet an important career goal.

Mo: Seeking continuous growth. - Mo, head of Transactions Processing for Consumer Operations and a 21-year Citizens veteran, shares the importance of continuously learning, growing and being encouraged by his mentors to pursue new career opportunities.

Renee: From challenging start to unstoppable. – After graduating the police academy in record time, she could only secure a part-time position in law enforcement. So, Renee took a full-time job with a mortgage company. She was promoted to branch manager a short time later and decided to leave her career in law enforcement. That’s when Renee landed a job as a vice president in business banking with Citizens. It proved to be one of the best career moves she ever made.

Robert: From client to colleague. – Hear Robert share how he went from being a loyal customer, to thriving with an incredible career journey at Citizens.

Silavong: From refurbishing sneakers to thriving. – Growing up in a place with gang violence and poverty, Silavong could have gone down the wrong path. Instead, he decided to be entrepreneurial and refurbish old sneakers to sell for a profit. He went into the army from there, learning how to carry himself and achieve his goals. All those paths led him to Citizens where his supportive managers helped him advance his career from being a banker to supporting our partnership with X-box.

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