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Ready to Help Veterans Win on the Homefront

We all know the challenges and sacrifices our military must make when they’re called to serve: they often leave behind their families, set off for strange, unfamiliar places, and put their lives and careers in the hands of others.

What many of us may not realize, however, is that the challenges of those who serve in the military don’t end when they finally reach the home front.

Veterans face a host of difficulties transitioning to civilian life. Many of them return home with physical, mental, and emotional wounds and struggle with every day challenges like finding employment. According to the Department of Labor, the unemployment rate is higher for veterans than that for non-veterans. In 2020, the jobless rate for all veterans increased to 6.5%, impacting 581,000 people.

Then, there are the challenges their families face.

Military spouses often must relocate, forcing them to alter their personal and professional lives accordingly. And their children must adjust to all new aspects of their lives – attending schools, making friends, and finding activities.

We’re ready to provide the support veterans and their families need

As a company that’s committed to creating a stronger, more inclusive workplace – and communities – we have a calling to provide the resources and support to help veterans and their families overcome the unique challenges they face.

That’s why we’re proud to support Military Warriors Support Foundation (MWSF) for a 7th consecutive year. Founded in 2007, this non-profit organization offers programs to help combat-wounded veterans and Gold Star families enjoy a smoother transition to civilian life. With our past support for MWSF, we provided mortgage-free homes to three awarded families. This year, however, with the housing shortage, Citizens will award three payment-free hybrid vehicles. Also included as part of our participation this year, as in previous years, is a year of family and financial mentorship provided at no cost to the family, to help these families manage money and build financial security.

Creating career homes for veterans

Our support of MWSF is just one of the ways we support our military. We’re proud to be an employer that values the unique skills and experiences of veterans and active/reserve military members. We’re also honored to work with veteran networks and participate in veteran hiring events, and to be recognized for the past four years as a Military Friendly Employer dedicated to hiring and training those who serve.

Building support and understanding for veterans and for us all

We recognize that the unique experiences and abilities of our veterans can help us carry out our mission to improve the lives of our customers and all who live in the communities we serve. That’s why we created the Citizens Veterans Business Resource Group (BRG). Now in its fourth year, the Veterans BRG is over 600 members strong and ensures all our military colleagues have the opportunity to feel valued, respected, and heard. Those who join have a powerful forum to share challenges, leverage their strengths, and build camaraderie and community engagement.

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