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Ready to enrich your career and community.

These days, retail banking is about more than handling transactions — it’s about cultivating relationships and providing a healthy environment for everyone. At Citizens, getting to know our customers and their needs, while keeping them safe, is what sets us apart. That's why we’re committed to hiring and nurturing individuals with a passion for putting customers first. Individuals who are always ready with a warm smile, a cool idea or just a little extra help for a local business customer — something many of them could use right now.

If you're an energetic, detail-oriented "people person" looking to grow your career, you'll thrive here. And as one of our essential branch colleagues, you'll be part of a supportive community that’s full of opportunity.

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Why join our team?

Meaningful Work


Transactions aren't the heart of banking — relationships are. Our customers are friends and neighbors who rely on us to nurture a business, buy a house, pay for school and manage their finances.

Commitment to Community

Commitment to Community

As one of the oldest banks in the U.S., our roots run deep. And we'll continue to flourish by nurturing a diverse, friendly and supportive workplace with a commitment to giving back.

Recognition and Rewards

Recognition and Rewards

We believe celebrating colleagues is the seed of our success. You can recognize a colleague for going above and beyond and see your hard work rewarded with promotion, growth and new opportunities.

Training and Development

Training and Development

We offer a thriving culture of ongoing training, coaching, career planning and development to help your career bloom into branch management or the many other exciting roles throughout the bank.

Branch Banking Opportunities

  • Teller TellerThe first line of contact with
    our customers

  • Banker BankerHelping customers find the right
    solutions to meet their goals

  • Branch management Branch ManagementCoach, mentor and inspire a
    top-performing team

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