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Dan, senior recruiter of Business Services, shares tips for making a great first impression.


As a senior recruiter for the Business Services team, Dan has over 15 years of experience in the talent acquisition space. He has viewed thousands of resumes and interviewed hundreds of job candidates.  Dan shares his experience regarding stand-out resumes and interviews that will make a great impression.

What do you look for when interviewing a candidate? What makes for a strong interview?

When a candidate has a strong understanding of their own resume and prior experiences, it stands out. Make sure you know dates and titles from past roles and can talk through your transitions from various organizations. It’s important to be able to provide clear and concise answers in an open and straightforward manner as to why you left a company or role. Highlight positive reasons for moving on to a new organization or position.

What are some common mistakes candidates make during the interview process?

When a candidate with a specific skillset is not able to articulate their prior roles and experiences in a manner that can be understood, it doesn’t make a good impression. It’s always helpful to explain acronyms and don’t assume everyone is familiar with what you may be talking about from your resume.

What do you look for in a strong resume?

Clarity, succinctness and brevity with content are key elements of a strong resume. Recruiters are not looking to read a novel. You need to highlight your strongest skills and experience but without noting every single detail. Image you have 20 to 30 seconds to catch a reader’s attention.

How can you be successful at Citizens?  What characteristics and skills make great colleagues?

Our culture and workforce consist of collaborative professionals that thrive on stepping up. We are always looking for candidates that enjoy reaching out of their comfort zone, pushing themselves to take on new projects. Our most successful colleagues are the ones that want to work on things that improve the team, the business and themselves. Since we went public in 2015, we are like a new company but with over 100 years of history. So we have lots of growth and development opportunities for our colleagues.

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