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Your growth and development are important to you - and to us.

When you join our team, it’s more than starting a new job; you’re embarking on a career journey with us. We are committed to investing in your career development because it’s critically important to the growth of both you and our business.

Our colleagues have access to a variety of resources and support to develop their career as part of our myCareer initiative. You will leverage tools within the following areas to assure your career flourishes:

Career Philosophy:

We empower you to build your career in close partnership with your manager. Colleagues take the lead on communicating their growth aspirations and engaging in activities that lead to new capabilities, while their managers are commited to providing support, coaching, and access to development resources.

Bands and Zones:

Bands and Zones describe the structure of our organization. They communicate information about the nature and position of different roles. There are 4 bands — Specialist, Professional, Management, and Executive. Across the bands, there are 18 zones. Every role at Citizens has been mapped to a band and zone based on its particular nature and position in the organization.

Success Factors:

Success factors represent the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are most important for success in a particular job. We have a library of approximately 200 success factors, enough to cover all jobs at the bank, grouped by skill and functional area.

Leadership Success Profile:

The Leadership Success Profile (LSP) is a model of leadership effectiveness at Citizens. It identifies the five key capabilities – demonstrates strategic thinking and customer focus, grows a sound and profitable business, leads peoples and teams, exhibits agility and innovation, and builds networks and alliances. The leadership standards are a key part of the success factor profiles associated with jobs across the bank.

Career Paths:

There are many ways a career can progress at Citizens. Career path visuals are designed to help you understand some of the possibilities of where you can go from where you are today. You can find the career path visual for your current job, with related roles mapped against the bands and zones. It will help you visualize how you might develop your career in a variety of different ways and directions, whether into management roles or more complex individual contributor roles.

Conversations That Matter:

Our performance management process is based on meaningful dialogue about results, behaviors, and development between colleagues and managers throughout the year. These conversations are critically important — they help ensure that we are all continually growing and performing.

Online Learning Resources:

Tools for developing new capabilities are just a click away for our colleagues. We have many online resources that can help you develop against the success factors for your current job and others that interest you.

Self Assessments:

As an early career professional, it’s helpful to have an understanding of your core talents, aspiration, preferences and drivers- and how these fundamental characteristics influence your career decisions over time. By investing time in the self assessment tools available to Citizens colleagues, you will gain a firmer grasp on what is most important to you, how to leverage your strengths and ways to find best fit career opportunities.