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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a roundup of questions you might have about applying, interviewing and getting hired here.

Get to know us.

• How do I know if Citizens is the right fit for me?

Applying for a job is a two-way street. You’ll want to get to know us. We want to get to know you. Learn who we are by looking at our Credo, our benefits, a snapshot of our company, an overview of our benefits, or visiting us on social media. It’ll help you understand our company and culture to see if Citizens is the right fit for you.

• What can I expect the application process to be like?

Generally it’s: apply online, talk with a recruiter, interview, and become a great Citizen. Every role is a little bit different though, so your experience might not include every step. Regardless, we promise to make you feel appreciated and valued, no matter the outcome.

• What benefits do you offer?

Our colleagues enjoy a lot of benefits. Yes, we provide medical, dental, vision coverage and a matching 401K program, but we also offer competitive parental/family leave, special banking products/services, and even pet insurance. Check out our high-level benefit overview or visit our benefits page to learn more.

• How much paid time off (PTO) will I receive?

Work/life balance is important. It’s why colleagues get anywhere from 18-27 days of PTO, depending on their role (that’s in addition to 10 paid bank holidays).

Find a role.

• How do I find a job?

You have a couple of options. Use the jobs search bar or look at our career paths. If you find something you like, you can apply online. You’ll just need to upload a copy of your resume (PDF or Word Doc).

• How do I know if I’m qualified?

Take a look at the requirements in the job description. If you have experience in most of the areas, you should apply for the role.


• Do I have to upload a resume to apply?

Yes. Your resume helps us understand the strengths and skills you’ll bring to a role. Give yourself a little extra advantage by tailoring your resume to the jobs you’re applying for.

• Can I apply for more than one job at a time?

Yes, but be thoughtful. Applying for multiple roles doesn’t increase your odds of getting hired. Your best bet is to go for a role that you really want and are qualified for.

• Will I have to provide references?

We typically do not require references.

• Will I have to complete an assessment as part of my application?

Some roles, such as ones in Retail or our Contact Center, require an assessment. If the role does, you’ll be prompted to take it when you complete your application. Assessments generally take up to 45 minutes.

• How can I check on the status of my application?

Waiting can be tough. But, we promise you’ll know where you stand every step of the way and that you’ll move through the process quickly, regardless of the outcome.

• What if I don’t get the job?

Try again! We’re always posting new opportunities. So, take a fresh look at your resume and cover letter. That way you’re ready to apply when you see something that fits your skills and interests. You can also sign up to receive personalized alerts when new jobs open.

• What do I do if I forget my username or password?

Don’t worry. Just, click “Forgot Username” or “Forgot Password” and follow the directions.

• What if I need help with my application?

Email us. We’ll get back to you in 1-2 days.

Talk with a recruiter.

• What if my background is a good fit for the position?

Keep your phone close by. A recruiter may reach out to you to schedule a phone interview.

• How long should I plan to talk to the recruiter?

About 30-60 minutes. You’ll want to find a quiet place to chat.

• What will the recruiter share with me? How can I prepare for this call?

We’ll explain the position in more detail, go over salary expectations and answer any questions you have. You should be prepared to talk through the highlights of your resume, note how your skills and experience align to the role, and share why you want to work with us.


• What should I wear to the interview?

Dress for success. First impressions are important, and professional attire will help make a great first impression.

• What is the interview process like?

It varies by role. You can usually expect to interview with the recruiter and the hiring manager. If you continue to move forward in the process, you might meet with peers or partners, too. We take this approach because we want to find the best cultural fit, and that means getting opinions from different people.

We might ask you to share documents to support your application — a writing sample, case study or presentation, for example. We’ll let you know if there’s additional information you need to provide.

• Who will I interview with?

A few days before your interview, you’ll get an email with the names and titles of everyone you’ll meet. Look up your interviewers on LinkedIn to get a sense of their background and experience. (Hint: This is also a good way to send a thank you note after your interview.)

• What happens after the interview(s)?

We’ll try to get back to you with a decision within 5-10 business days of your interview. Your recruiting contact is available to answer questions you may have during this time.

• How many candidates interview for each position?

We get so many great applicants that we can’t talk to everyone. Our hiring managers try to interview the top 3 applicants for each role.

• What are some tips for interviewing here?

We’ve pulled together a handful of tips that’ll help you have a successful interview here at Citizens.

• What types of questions can I expect?

It depends on the role. Scan through our guide to behavioral interviewing for suggestions on how to put your best foot forward.

Become a great Citizen.

• How will I know if I get the job?

A recruiter will call you to go over the details of the offer, start date, salary and an overview of benefits.

• Will I have to complete a background check?

Yes. We’ll send you an email with instructions. We recommend not giving your 2-week notice to your previous employer until your background check clears.

• How is salary and compensation calculated at Citizens?

We’re always looking at our compensation packages to make sure they’re competitive.

• How do I prepare for my first day?

Your hiring manager will reach out before your start date to talk about your first week. You’ll get several emails asking you take a few required steps, too.

• Is training paid?

Yes. Your recruiter will discuss if your role requires training.

• How long do I have to be in my role before I can apply for another job within the company?

You must be in your role for 12 months before applying for another role within the company.