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Be Supported for Who You Are - and All You Can Do

What makes us unique?

What you look like? How you think? Who you love? Where you come from? What makes you unique as an individual is how you put your unique stamp on the world. And it’s all of us added up together that make a stronger whole.

Citizens is no different. Our colleagues come from a variety of backgrounds, life experiences and abilities. Yet, every day, they work together to make a difference in the lives of others.

We’re committed to supporting a culture of inclusivity, where every colleague has the opportunity to be valued, respected, and heard… and feels a sense of belonging, is valued, respected, heard and contributes at their full potential.

That’s why we are proud to be recognized in Disability:IN’s 2021 Disability Equity Index and to offer the following innovative programs that help those living with a wide range of differing abilities build new skills, grow their careers, and make an impact:

  • Citizens AWAKE Business Resource Group. To ensure those of all abilities always feel respected, accepted, appreciated, and empowered, we created the AWAKE Business Resource Group. Colleagues can connect with peers with shared interests and ideals, and gain access to senior leaders, potential mentors, sponsors, and resources to help them thrive personally and professionally.
  • Disability training programs. From disability etiquette workshops that foster greater understanding and communications in the workplace to sessions that help parents raising children with disabilities at home, we strive to bring support where our colleagues need it most. 
  • Accessibility. Our buildings are designed and continually improved with accessibility in mind. In addition, we offer workshops and resources that give colleagues access to programs and assistive technology that supports them on the job.
  • Autism at Work. Citizens is proud to participate in Massachusetts General Hospital’s Aspire Works program. This unique program creates learning and full-time career opportunities for neurodiverse individuals, helping remove barriers to employment and ensure successful transition in the workplace. Since Citizens began the program in early 2021, two colleagues were hired in finance and will transition to full-time positions in August. We’re also working on  expanding the program to add more positions in other business lines.
  • Confidential counseling. As part of our commitment to supporting our colleagues through challenges they may face at work or at home, we offer free confidential counseling from licensed counselors.

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