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Internal Audit Rotational Program

For early career professional and recent grads interested in internal audit, this program offers a combination of classes, self-study, on-the-job training, and line rotations over a 12-month period. You will have an opportunity to participate in four month-long rotations aligned to six key Citizens Bank business division including Consumer Banking, Commercial Banking, Risk Management, Finance/Accounting, Information Technology and Enterprise Project Management.

Program features include:

  • Core Curricula: a defined curriculum including a combination of technical and soft skill requirements. Includes core and elective opportunities. Total 120 CPE.
  • Mentor Program: Each participant will have a senior level advisor.  The goal is to support the professional development, assimilation into the organization, and enhance retention.
  • On-the-Job Training (OJT): Participants will develop their skills while maximizing their contributions during their job rotation assignment.  OJT allows participants to solve real problems, in real time, using real data, and deal with real consequences.
  • Networking: Through a combination of formal networking forums and job rotation relationships, participants will build unique and diverse relationships including exposure to Senior Leadership.
  • Providence / Cranston, Rhode Island location
  • Placement on audit team in accordance with skill set, education, performance on rotational assignment, and interest


  • GPA: 3.0 preferred
  • Majors: Finance, Accounting, Information Technology
  • Other: General Business, All

Recruitment Period:

  • Application: fall of calendar year
  • Recruiting Time Frame: beginning of fall – end of December

Program Contacts:

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