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The road to being a fintech leader.

We recently announced a partnership with Opportunity Network to offer clients access to an innovative business networking platform. We are also collaborating with Vivant Smart Home to provide new payment plan options for consumers purchasing smart home products and services.

These are just two examples of Citizens focus on enhancing digital capabilities so that we can deliver the best possible banking experience for our customers. It’s how we are becoming a leader in technology and why our Consumer Banking Technology Services colleagues are excited to come to work every day. 

This team of 120 colleagues, and growing, directly supports the delivery of all customer-facing digital and multi-channel marketing technology. It consists of teams focused on architecture, online and mobile banking, and “dot com” (external facing websites at Citizens).

“We are evolving as one united team where business lines and technology work cohesively and collaborate to align on priorities that support our digital vision”, comments Rob, Application Suite Manager, SVP. The team focuses on aligning initiatives and cross-team project management to take advantage of technology, business and resource synergies.

Gone are the days of building monolithic applications, made of many intertwined layers. “Our digital evolution is rooted in developing an open architecture, writing APIs (application programming interface) and programming in the latest JAVA technologies to allow us to be more agile and flexible and make modifications seamlessly”, adds Rob. 

This approach requires a shift from a project based way of thinking to one in which the bigger picture is considered.  We are building in modular layers and leveraging smaller scale applications, like micro-services, better suited to performing smaller functions. It allows applications to connect and interface with each other but with the ability to be modified individually. The technology can be applied across the bank as well.

The team is evolving their approaches by building framework and APIs that promote flexibility and quick delivery of digital technology to consumers. Colleagues are also developing more well-rounded skill-sets versus niche technology and application skills.

Rob concludes by saying, “The success of our technology vision is driven by our investment in people, processes, tools, and infrastructure.  By enhancing our agility, individually and as a team, we are able to create the ultimate customer experience.

Learn how you can join our Technology Services team in their journey of discovery and innovative thinking.

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